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Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe Travel Guide

Cerrillos Road Summary


  • Heaps of hotels and restaurants in the area
  • Long commercial strip full of stores—it’s shopper’s paradise
  • Easy access to the city center and the airport
  • Short drive to Carson and Santa Fe National Forests


  • No historic charm
  • Busy area, with crowds and traffic
  • Far from Santa Fe’s major attractions
  • Chain hotels, motels and restaurants

What It's Like

Cerrillos Road stretches all the way from downtown Santa Fe to the I-25. It’s chock-a-block with stores and chain restaurants and hotels. It might be convenient for those making a quick stop in the area, or on a shopping spree, but it lacks the historic charm of Santa Fe proper, and there are no attractions within walking distance. However, it’s actually a short drive from the city center, and provides easy access to the neighboring national parks, and Albuquerque.

Where To Stay

It takes about 12 minutes to drive the length of Cerrillos Road, so choosing the exact area to stay is not really important. However, you will find interesting dining options in the area around Rodeo and Zafarano drives. Head north to the intersection of South St Francis Drive and Cerrillos Road for proximity to downtown Santa Fe.

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