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Connemara, County Galway, Ireland

County Galway Summary


  • Lively nightlife, historic pubs, and live music performances in Galway
  • Rocky Aran Islands that feel as if they are stuck in time
  • Prehistoric Dun Aengus Fort on Inishmore, standing majestically on a cliff's edge
  • Wild, unspoiled beauty of Connemara, where visitors can experience the traditional country activities of hiking, fishing, and woodcock shooting
  • Picturesque Kylemore Abbey set on a lake


  • Narrow two-lane roads, no traffic lights, and numerous roundabouts

What It's Like

County Galway is home to some of the most naturally beautiful sights in the country. There are the rocky Aran Islands, where the Irish language is still spoken casually among inhabitants and visitors can explore crumbling prehistoric forts such as Dun Aengus, standing majestically on the edge of a cliff. Connemara is famous for its wild, unspoiled natural beauty -- ruggedly beautiful mountains, bogs, and woodlands -- and the picturesque Kylemore Abbey, once a castle built as a gift from husband to wife, offers a romantic history to go along with this romantic setting.

For those interested in livelier fun, Galway offers the best nightlife outside of Dublin. The charming Latin Quarter, with its stone-paved streets, brightly painted pubs, and flags crisscrossing above is a major tourist draw.

Where To Stay

Galway is a convenient choice for nightlife and easy bus access to the Arand Islands ferries. Visitors looking to experience Galway County's exquisite countryside might consider a hotel in Connemara, such as the Ballynahinch Castle Hotel, where age-old activities such as hiking, fishing, and woodcock shooting can be enjoyed. To be immersed in rural Irish life, visitors might try the hotel and B&B options on the Aran Islands.


Map of Hotels -- Connemara, County Galway

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Languages: English, Irish
Airport: Dublin Airport
Shannon Airport
Peak: June 15 - Sept. 15
Off-Peak: Nov. - March
Currency: Euro
Electricity: 230v, 50 hz
Tipping: 10-15% is appreciated for good service (and sometimes included in the bill)

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