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Ireland's best-known nickname is the Emerald Isle, and one visit there will make it abundantly clear why: Ireland's landscape is defined by rolling hills, dramatic green cliffs, and lush forests. The country is also deservedly famous for its stunning coastal scenery, and the many famous outlooks include the Causway Coast, the Cliffs of Moher, and Ballinskelligs Bay along the Ring of Kerry. Read more

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9 Hotels to Make You Love Ireland

9 Hotels to Make You Love Ireland
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Ireland has a long, rich history, and many visitors are enchanted by its mystical Celtic past: It's still possible to see beehive huts that once housed pre-Christian settlers; Druid stone circles; and Iron Age stone forts. In more recent history, Ireland's Troubles divided the country between Protestant unionists and Catholic nationalists; echoes of the conflict can still be felt, particularly in Northern Ireland cities such as Derry and Belfast.

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