Apartment Therapy’s Maxwell Ryan’s Favorite Hotels

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Maxwell Ryan, founder of Apartment Therapy, knows a thing or two about turning up interior charm. He started out his career as an “apartment therapist,” transforming homes into beautiful, organized, and healthy-to-live-in spaces. You could say he’s a bit of a hybrid — part interior designer and part life coach. His style is about comfort, simplicity, and a lack of clutter. Today, his website has become the go-to site for design inspiration. Since our main decor interest here at Oyster.com is hotel-focused, we asked Maxwell to turn his creative eye towards hotel design. We couldn’t wait to hear of his favorite hotel spots around the globe.

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The Standard High Line, New York City

“With an entrance that also serves as an exit in this amazing theme park of a hotel in the Meatpacking District, this lobby is as much about the outdoor space as the inside space. I particularly like the ice skating rink that sits outside the front door in winter.”

Maison 140 Beverly Hills

“I spent a week living out of this hotel and couldn’t have been happier. Small, cozy and comfortable, the lobby has everything you need and is perfectly staffed in a friendly way.”

Lydmar Hotel, Stockholm

“With an outdoor lounge area and sweeping steps that take you up to the check-in and restaurant, this light filled-lobby is both comfortable and super social, as you see everyone as you enter — and you’re offered all the amenities you need after a long journey.”

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