Foto Friday: Choose Your Own Adventure!

Winter is on its way out and spring is making an entrance. But choosing where to watch the clouds part and the flowers bloom can be tricky. Washington, D.C. is one of the most popular spots to visit during the season, thanks to its gorgeous cherry blossom trees and the White House Easter Egg Roll. But over in Europe, Paris is known for its gorgeous tulips and lush green backdrop. So which pick spring city are waiting to see? Take a look at the options below and then enter your answer in the comments section.

Option 1: A Spring Stroll Though Washington, D.C.

Every spring, crowds flock to D.C. to catch a glimpse (and a whiff!) of the city's iconic cherry blossom trees. Guests staying at the Mandarin Oriental have a particular advantage on the crowds, with the hotel being just a short walk from the Tidal Basin's blossoms. After a stroll through the blooming landscape, the White House is a quick drive away, as are tons of parks and landmarks, making the Mandrin the best option for spring visitors.

Option 2: An Escape to the Greenery of Paris

Paris is lush in any season, but the city blooms each spring
Paris is lush in any season, but the city blooms each spring

Paris may be majestic in any season, but its colorful springtime scenery is the inspiration of art, film, and travel. The Saint James Paris, located in the city's 16th arrondissement, is perfect for spring visitors. The hotel boasts a sprawling grounds with gardens and manicured lawns, and is a short drive from the Eiffel Tower and many other famous attractions. Tourists looking for the full spring experience need not look any further than this lush property.

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