Oyster's Most Interesting Hotels in the World

'Tis the season for annual awards lists, but if you think you know what's coming, guess again. Oyster's awards aren't like the other guys' -- we're not like the other guys, so why should our awards be? You can find lists of the world's best luxury hotels in a dozen other places, but only Oyster digs deep to learn every hotel's secret quirks. Our hotel investigators trot the globe and visit every hotel in person so we can bring you the unvarnished truth, and this year, for the first-ever annual Oyster Hotel Awards, we'd like to show you the wackiest, coolest, weirdest, and most interesting things they came across in their travels. We are thrilled to present the 2012 selection of Oyster's Most Intereting Hotels in the World.

Are you ready for this?

  1. You can always count on Lilo to cause a scandal at a hotel, and in 2012, Lohan was accused of a hit and run outside of the Dream Downtown Hotel. Whoopsies!

  2. For an over-the-top expensive spa treatment, it's hard to top the $5,000 Evian bath at the Hotel Victor, which is just what it sounds like -- a bath in 1,000 bottles of French mineral water.

  3. The Bitter End Yacht Club's Quarterdeck Marina can accommodate 18 yachts (up to 150 feet long, with drafts of 15 feet or more), and is arguably one of the most popular destination marinas in the Caribbean.

  4. James Bond has left his mark on hotels around the globe, but no Bond hotel can beat the Goldeneye, where the series first originated: The Jamaican hot spot is the former residence of Bond creator Ian Fleming, who wrote all of his books here.

  5. This hotel toilet has buttons." 'Nuff said.

  6. The Mira Hong Kong's entertainment units incorporate a computer and Blu-Ray DVD player. Fancy stuff.

  7. We know -- this water-conserving toilet-top sink is exactly what you've been missing in life. We felt the same way.

  8. Any future that doesn't involve more luggage handler robots is a future we want no part of.

  9. Because who doesn't want to sleep in a fairytale castle?

  10. It doesn't get much more authentic than staying within the walls of a medieval village.

  11. This is a hotel we wouldn't mind being locked up in.

  12. The Algonquin is allregedly haunted by the ghosts of the 1920s literary society The Round Table, who met regularly in the hotel dining room. Lady Gaga might be scared of hotel ghosts, but we're not.

  13. This clothing-optional resort with raucous activities sounds like a whole lotta fun for the swinger set.

  14. One by the Five only has one bed, but the hotel made it count: It's levitating, covered in rose petals, and placed underneath a faux starlit sky.

  15. The Cosmoplitan is still one of the hottest new hotels on the Vegas Strip, and it's trendy nightclub and five bars help make it a first-rate spot for making new lady friends.

  16. The adventure center across the road from Hope Lake Lodge has zip-lining, a ropes course, a mountain coaster, and more -- plenty to get your heart rate up.

  17. It's hard to sweat it when working out alongside stunning views of the ocean and Copacabana, Rio's most famous beach.

  18. Water slides are even more fun when they go through shark tanks.

  19. A vacation just isn't a vacation without trapeze lessons from circus performers.

  20. The only thing better than stuffing your face with minibar items is stuffing your face with free minibar items.

  21. Just can't wait until you get home for your next jam sesh? The Hard Rock Chicago's Fender delivery service has got you covered.

  22. Ginger, the Muse's teacup pomeranian, knows that your pet deserves to be greeted at check-in, too! And the human front desk staff doesn't speak dog.

  23. If you prefer turntables to iPod docks, the Ace Hotel NY is your kind of place.

  24. The Esplanades at Wynn and Encore has 16 high-end shops, including Alexander McQueen and Cartier.

  25. French fashion designer Christian Lacroix designed the rooms at this charming Parisian boutique hotel.

  26. This ultra-remote, luxurious safari lodge has nine safari "tents" that are fully screened in and thoroughly high-end, with huge soaking tubs, four-poster beds, lots of wood, and private pools.

  27. Hotel Panorama is aptly named -- gentlemen can even enjoy the view from the public urinals.

  28. Every room in the hotel has a hot tub and views of Arenal Volcano.

  29. We think the ancient Romans would have been impressed by the drama of this restaurant outlook.

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