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Breckenridge, Colorado Travel Guide

Breckenridge Summary


  • Substantial mountains, with some of the greatest intermediate and expert trails around
  • Smack-dab in the middle of one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world -- the Rocky Mountains
  • Active nightlife, from low-key taverns to pulsating dance clubs
  • Feet of fresh, white powder on the slopes
  • Interesting combination of Victorian and rustic, wooden architecture, as well as much new development
  • Lots of history, as this was the first town in Colorado where gold was discovered
  • Winter outdoor activities: skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, cross-country skiing, and more
  • Summer outdoor activities, especially fishing, hiking, and biking
  • Decent arts district, which is housed in some of the historic buildings between South Ridge Street and Washington Avenue
  • Diverse selection of restaurants, pubs, book shops, and stores Downtown
  • Many colorful and exciting festivals during the summer months


  • Expensive food and lodging
  • Altitude adjustment (Breckenridge rests at 9,603 feet)
  • Crowds during peak seasons

What It's Like

A cozy yet extremely popular mountainside town, Breckenridge's blend of log cabins, 19th-century gold mining history, and modern-day snowboarding culture makes it stand out among the rest of the Rocky Mountain ski resorts. Breckenridge is popular with young people, and the slopes are typically streaked with brightly colored jackets and pants that the high school and college-aged crowds wear.

Although outdoor sports, whether skiing and snowboarding in the winter or hiking and fishing in the summer, are this town's focus, the area actually offers some decent historical attractions. The town is extremely walkable, and comes with lots of shopping, fine restaurants, and luxurious lodging options.

People flock to Breckenridge from all areas of the world during its peak season. Although the town has a year-round population of less than 3,000 people, more than 30,000 will be in town during tourism months. Festivals and fairs, like the Breckenridge Film Festival, also draw large crowds into town.

Where To Stay

This small town can be divided into three main areas for visitors: Downtown; the Arts District; and Main Street Station/Peak 9. All of these areas are technically "downtown," but each has a distinctly different vibe. The Arts District is home to a cluster of historic buildings, and offers outdoor art shows and theater performances. The heart of Breckenridge, and therefore the busiest area, is Downtown, which is also one of the largest historic districts in Colorado. If you want to be within walking distance from numerous shops, restaurants, and museums, Downtown is your best bet. Visitors looking to stay away from most of the crowds might like Main Street Station/Peak 9, where activity is lacking in comparison to the rest of the town.

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