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Retiro, Buenos Aires Travel Guide

Retiro Summary


  • Transportation hub, making it easy to get in and get out
  • Home to Florida Street, lined by upscale shops
  • Numerous luxury hotels
  • Beautiful Plaza San Martin is surrounded by historic mansions
  • Business-friendly area


  • Lots of traffic
  • Few major tourist attractions

What It's Like

Retiro is the transportation hub of Buenos Aires. Often, "transportation hub" is synonymous with gritty, depressing, and traffic-filled, but this is not the case with Retiro (except the traffic-filled part). The neighborhood is home to upscale shops, luxury hotels, and the Plaza San Martin park, surrounded by beautiful historic mansions (many of which now serve as embassies).

Overlapping with the Central Business District, Retiro caters to business travellers with its easy access to transportation and its many businesses and government agencies. However, tourists come to the area to peruse the Florida Street, a pedestrian street with high-end shops and numerous tango studios. Though there are not many other tourist atttractions in the area, it is home to two museums (one being the renowned Museum of Modern Art) and many tourists enjoy touring the restored mansions.

Though Retiro is a relatively safe neighborhood, "Villa 13" -- a shanty town -- should be avoided.

Where To Stay

There are few budget options in Retiro; instead, numewrous luxury hotels surround Plaza San Martin as the area caters to wealthy business travellers.

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