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Norway is best known for two things: It's jaw-droppingly high prices, and its stunning natural beauty. For those who can afford to go, Norway offers a wealth of outdoor riches -- dramatic, lush fjords, cascading waterfalls, red farmhouses in rolling valleys, and jagged mountain peaks. Read more

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The summer months are the most popular for tourists, and the long days mean it's possible to pack in a lot of sightseeing. Visitors can partake in activities such as hiking, fishing, kayaking, and beach bumming (yes, there are beaches in Norway; the ones near Stavanger are quite nice). Fjord cruises are by far the most popular summer activity; for many, seeing the fjords is on the do-before-you-die list, and for good reason. The deep inlets carved by glaciers run through steep green mountains, and dozens of waterfalls run down the cliffs, ranging from gentle trickles to roaring flows.

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