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Poblenou, Barcelona Travel Guide

Poblenou Summary


  • Quiet residential area with a strong local flavor
  • Close to the beach and the hopping waterfront
  • Plenty of green areas, especially in business-y District 22@
  • Close to the Barcelona Convention Center and the up-and-coming business area of District 22@
  • Cheaper accommodation options than in more central areas in Barcelona (but with less character)
  • Attractions like the Agbar Tower and Publenou Central Park, both by world-famous Jean Nouvel
  • Easier to find a parking spot than in the heart of Barcelona


  • Only one subway line runs through the neighborhood
  • Sprawling area far from major tourist attractions in central Barcelona
  • Uninteresting shopping and dining scene

What It's Like

Poblenou is a sprawling area located on the northeastern edge of Barcelona. Once a mainly residential and industrial neighborhood where middle-class families lived for generations, the area is now experiencing a major overhaul, with modern buildings and a few upper-mid-range hotels towering over low-rise apartment buildings and local businesses.

The northern side of the neighborhood is the up-and-coming District 22@, characterized by modern, trendy hotels and corporate buildings set to define Barcelona's new skyline. It is working hard towards becoming a modern and high-tech neighborhood, but there are still few interesting restaurants and shops, and some areas feel a bit desolate, with many construction sites standing alongside old industrial buildings.

Agbar Tower and Poblenou Central Park, both by renowned architect Jean Nouvel, are the main attractions here, but other than that, there's little to do or see -- the neighborhood is far from most tourist sights, and it covers such a vast area that visitors will need to take public transportation or a cab to get to central Barcelona. In short, this area is good for business travelers and for visitors who want to be within walking distance to this part of the beach, but tourists looking to see the main sights will probably prefer to stay closer to the city center.

Where to Stay

Business travelers attending meetings in the District 22@ area or at the Convention Center will probably find the part of the neighborhood close to Diagonal Mar convenient. There are a number of chain hotels with business-oriented and modern amenities, and adequate rates. Leisure travelers might prefer the southern edge of Poblenou closest to Ciutadella Park, which offers easy access to a couple of subway stations and the waterfront.

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