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No doubt, there are horror stories about New York hotels with dark, dingy rooms, cockroaches in the bathrooms, and stains on the sheets. But in general, the great majority of hotels in New York are very clean. Still, it takes a lot for us to qualify a hotel as super clean. After staying at about 200 hotels throughout New York City, we've awarded the few immaculate properties that will put even the most extreme germaphobe at ease.

  1. The Crosby Street Hotel opened in October 2009 on a quiet, cobblestoned street in SoHo. There's not a thread out of place in the luxurious, whimsically decorated rooms and public spaces.

  2. After a $60 million renovation in 2009, the Surrey reestablished itself as a top contendory in the New York luxury hotel market, and everything is immaculate -- the guest rooms, bathrooms, and common areas were all redone.

  3. The Ace opened in May 2009, and its rooms are spotless -- even the vintage furniture and tiled bathrooms are dirt- and dust-free.

  4. Smyth opened in March 2009, and the property is still clean and unblemished. Smyth's developers tore down the previous building on the property and started fresh, so tiles sparkle, paint is smooth, and furniture is unchipped; even the gym carpets are still in mint condition.

  5. Given the hotel's 2008 renovation and twice-daily housekeeping, rooms are spic-and-span. There's no mildew, the toilets and tubs gleam, and glasses and plates sparkle in the restaurant and bars. It's hard to get cleaner than this.

  6. Since its complete renovation in 2008, the Palace hotel is absolutely spotless. Both public areas and every nook of the guest rooms are extremely clean. Even minor things, like a room service tray in the hallway, are cleared within minutes.

  7. Completely renovated in 2008, the Hilton Garden Inn has new fixtures and is very well-maintained. For a clean -- and affordable -- hotel in Times Square, this Hilton is an excellent option.

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