Brand-New Artificial Intelligence Luggage Acts Like Your Mom

Bill Abbott/Flickr

Bill Abbott/Flickr

Lugging your luggage is so 2018. The future has arrived in the form of a brand-new carry-on suitcase that’s powered by artificial intelligence. Not only does this hands-free, “Star Wars” BB-8-like luggage push and pull itself, but it can also hold a conversation, which is especially crucial when loneliness kicks in on solo adventures. But there’s a catch: this super-smart suitcase is no ordinary travel companion; it’s designed to act like your mom.

“Did you pee before you the left the house?” it might ask on your ride to the airport. (Puzzled looks from your Uber driver to inevitably follow.) And once onboard, voice commands like “don’t forget to wear your seatbelt” and “make sure you eat all your airplane food” are to be expected. 

It even comes with an “embarrassing childhood story” feature, in which it unravels humiliating tales of your awkward years to your seatmate, as well as the “embarrassing childhood photos” program, where it spotlights some not-so-flattering snaps at passport control.

There are, however, a few glitches. The carry-on tends to call out travelers who have forgotten to unload that dreaded bottle of water. As you approach the TSA security line, the suitcase sounds off a blaring alarm and lights up in an array of colors.

But then again, it’s hard to argue with the home-cooked-food capability. In case you’re wondering, yes, thanks to the suitcase’s built-in cooking functionality, you can get mom’s hearty, comforting casserole when you’re hundreds of miles away from home. 

April Fools!

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