Should You Check or Ship Your Luggage?

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Checking baggage at the airport is another obstacle between you and your vacation. Shipping your luggage ahead with ShipGo allows you and your family to travel with the comfort of knowing your luggage is already at your destination.

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5 Reasons Why Sending Your Luggage Ahead Is More Convenient and Affordable

Shipping your luggage ahead will save you time and money instead of lugging it with you on the plane. Breezing through the airport baggage-free will feel like a first-class experience, even if you’re sitting in coach. Here are five reasons why shipping your luggage with ShipGo is the way to go:

A More Enjoyable Airport Experience

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Dragging your luggage to, from, and through the airport does not make for a relaxing start to any trip. However, traveling without suitcases (because you shipped them ahead with ShipGo) is an entirely underrated experience. It allows you to dine and drink at the airport without trying to squeeze your bag under a table, keeps your hands free (to wrangle kids or simply hold a cup of coffee), and eliminates any stress at the gate due to the size of your bag or lack of overhead space.

Saves Time

Checking a bag at the airport adds at least two hours to your journey. First, you’ll have to arrive at the airport early to wait in line at the bag drop, and then wait while your bag is weighed and tagged. Then, after landing, you have to wait for what feels like hours for your bag to appear on the carousel before you can finally leave and get your trip started. So skip all those steps and get right to your vacation by sending your luggage ahead.

Save Money

Depending on what you’re bringing, ShipGo’s service can be significantly cheaper compared to pricey bag fees charged by the airlines—especially now that some airlines are even charging for carry-on bags! ShipGo can be even more cost-effective if you’re traveling with larger items (like golf clubs or skis) that the airlines would probably charge you double for and then damage.

Plus, shipping your luggage can save you money in unexpected ways. For example, you could opt for public transportation to and from the airport since you’re not dragging suitcases around or pick a smaller rental car without worrying about enough trunk space for your bags. And if you opt for Uber or Lyft, you won’t have to pay for parking!

On-Time Guarantee

Luggage on carts on airport tarmac next to plane

Nothing will ruin a vacation faster than the airline losing or damaging your luggage. Don’t want to spend the first day of your trip shopping for essentials like toothbrushes and emergency outfits? Ship your luggage ahead with ShipGo. ShipGo has an on-time delivery guarantee that ensures your stuff will arrive precisely when it’s supposed to. You’ll also have access to real-time tracking, so you’ll know exactly where your bags are at all times.

Never Lift a Finger

You don’t have to go to the airport to drop off your luggage with ShipGo! ShipGo will come to you and pick up your baggage, whether you’re at home, in the office, or departing from a hotel. You can also drop off your baggage at a local carrier store. You can ship more than luggage with ShipGo, including golf clubs, skis, snowboards, boxes, trunks, and more.

Just schedule a pickup online or download ShipGo’s mobile app, attach your shipping labels, and prepare for your bags to be picked up. ShipGo will take care of the rest, and ensure your bags are awaiting your arrival.

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