Could This Be the End of Removing Liquid Items From Your Luggage?

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Steve Lynes/Flickr

Steve Lynes/Flickr

The TSA’s recent powder rule had travelers to the U.S. huffing and puffing, but now there’s finally some good news coming from airports that might actually speed up the security line.

London’s Heathrow Airport is testing new X-ray scanners that could mean you no longer have to take out toiletries, electronics, and food from your carry-on luggage. These 3D imagery machines, which will be tried over the next six to 12 months, allow security officials to see objects inside people’s baggage from all angles. Even better, they can detect hidden explosives, according to the United Kingdom’s Department for Transportation, CNN reports. And Heathrow is not alone -- New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport and Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport are also testing similar devices, which use the same technology as CT scanners.

“We continue to look at new technologies that can both improve the passenger experience and strengthen our security,” a spokesperson for Heathrow said. Although the scanners will only be found in a few security lanes to start, this could very well be the beginning of the end of long and irritating airport queues.

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