7 Sexiest Hotel Minibars to Spice up Your Vacation

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Whether it’s themed rooms or personal hot tubs, hotels have a knack for making sure couples can stay intimate with each other even while away from home. But lately they’ve been taking it a step farther. Hotels around the world are stocking minibars full of more than just snacks and drinks. Now, there’s a whole world of lusty amenities waiting for travelers to dive in—regardless of whether they’re solo or with a partner. Make your hotel room a sexual oasis with these 7 spots that have some of the best sex-focused minibars available.

W Hotels, Worldwide

Through the many iterations of W Hotels’ minibars—they change almost annually—an intimacy kit has prevailed as one of the standard offerings. Regular inclusions in the kit are lube, condoms, and breath mints. In the past, though, W minibars have included things like a maid playset (seen in Mexico City), a can of oxygen (seen in Austin), and vibrators (seen in London). The standard kit is about $11; check the price list for any specialty items.

Warehouse Hotel, Singapore

In 1985, Singapore’s Warehouse Hotel was located in something of a red light district in the city. The building itself even had a club in it at one time. In a nod to the sordid history of the area, the Warehouse offers a Minibar of Vices in addition to the standard snack bar. Products and prices range in quality and usage, including everything from a $6 SGD (about $4.50 USD) peacock feather and a $22 SGD (about $16.50 USD) organic lubricant, all the way up to a $150 SGD (about $113 USD) stainless steel rechargeable Vesper Vibrator Necklace with multiple speeds.

Sahara, Las Vegas

At the Sahara Las Vegas, you get to choose: Are you a saint or a sinner? The minibars in the hotel are broken up into these two sections. On the Saint side, you can find things like hydration powder and trail mix—everything an angel needs to survive. But once over on the Sinner side, expect more sugary snacks like M&Ms, malt balls, and an intimacy kit that stuffs a silk pouch with two condoms, lube, and a vibrator. Be careful though; anything you pick up from the minibar is tracked and charged to your room—even if you didn’t use it.

The Drake Hotel, Toronto

At The Drake Hotel in Toronto, guests have more options than at most hotels; the Pleasure Menu has 12 items on it, all curated in collaboration with a local erotic boutique, Come As You Are, and other carefully chosen suppliers. Each item on the menu has a description as well. The cheapest product, a $10 pack of condoms are made by a company that believes in “sexual wellness and pleasure for all,” so you should “feel good about wrapping it” with this top-of-the-line material. For $200, you can score the We-Vibe, the most expensive product on the menu. It’s a double-ended vibrator designed in Canada that hooks up to your smartphone to control the vibration speed and pattern. Looking for something more middle of the road? Try the bondage tape ($16), tenga eggs (a $13 sex sleeve), or paddle ($26).

21c Museum Hotel, Nationwide

The 21c Museum Hotel chain is embracing every aspect of a fun time away. They combine boutique hotels with high-end food, contemporary art exhibitions, and the intimate moments couples enjoy while on vacation. Each location has a $10 kit “for the frisky” that includes a condom, lube, and a towelette to clean up with.

The Sentinel, Portland

For $19, guests at the Sentinel have the option of choosing between his and hers Love Kits that are tucked into the minibar next to the Altoids and kettle chips. The hotel partnered with company Bunnyjuice for the kits. For him, you’ll find two condoms, a personal lube packet, and a Tenga Egg massage sleeve. In her box, you’ll get two condoms, a mini-vibrator, and three personal packets of lube.

Jupiter Hotel, Portland

Another stop in Portland, the Jupiter Hotel, takes the lusty minibar trend a step further, offering entire packages dedicated to sex. Guests have the option of ordering the Chill Vibes Fantasy Kit, the Explore Kit for Couples, or the Hard-On Fantasy Kit. The kits are all curated with the help of She Bop, a local erotic shop. Chill Vibes comes with (you guessed it) two vibrators, an assortment of lubes, stimulating gel, herbal-infused aphrodisiac chocolates, and two types of condoms. The Explore Kit includes the chocolates, condoms, and lube, but adds a kissing card game, an eye mask, cuffs, a feather tickler, and a different vibrator. The Hard-On Kit also has the chocolates, condoms, and lube, as well as a Tenga Egg sleeve, a glow-in-the-dark cock ring, and a butt plug.

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