This New Hotel Lets You Book Rooms Based on Your Mood

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Photo courtesy Angad Arts Hotel
Photo courtesy Angad Arts Hotel

You’ve likely heard of mood rings, but what about mood hotels? The Angad Arts Hotel, which opened in St. Louis, Missouri, in November 2018, lets guests choose a room that best matches their emotions, rather than assigning accommodations at random. Pick a color, any color: green for rejuvenation, yellow for happiness, red for passion, and blue for tranquility. The rooms -- of which there are 146 -- are entirely engulfed in a single color, from the walls to the decor, though all shades allegedly yield positive results.  

“We conducted extensive research into the overlays of color theory and color dynamics, looking at an array of color palettes, from muted tones to primary colors and even neon schemes. We found that the primary colors corresponded well to the attributes of the rooms, which would allow for a deeply engaging experience for guests,” Steve Smith, CEO and co-founder of the Lawrence Group, the firm behind creating the hotel’s experiential design, told Men’s Journal.

Beyond the bedroom, there are plenty of artistic features to admire. The elevators are equipped with works by local artists, and the lobby functions as an art gallery, where all pieces on display are available for purchase. There’s also also a sky lounge, where guests can enjoy craft cocktails alongside sweeping views of the city as well as a video art installation projected onto a Chameleon lamp. For food, the hotel partnered with celebrated chef David Burke, who doles out dishes that are as creative as the rest of the hotel. Even the building itself, located in the Grand Center Arts District has an artistic past -- it was built in the 1920s as a theater. The whole place is a masterpiece from head to toe.

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