Top Honeymoon Registries for Newlyweds

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Finding that perfect wedding gift -- one that won't be forgotten in the back of a deep, dark cupboard -- can be tough. That's why the gift of giving an experience and contributing to a honeymoon registry works so well for many couples. While it's not for everyone (some couples prefer going the traditional gift route), this list of honeymoon registries will help those who want to kickstart their newlywed adventure with beaches over blenders and Cabo over cookware. After all, how many lasting memories can a couple make involving toasters and towels?

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1. Honeyfund

The difference between asking for cash gifts and creating a honeymoon registry for deposits may be a small one, but the latter reassures people that their money will be spent on travel rather than your year-end tax bill. Honeyfund is arguably the largest crowdfunding honeymoon registry out there, thanks to its customizable couples’ pages and lack of fees. Couples can create their own website to attract gifts. Plus, they can add pictures to their honeymoon story on a variety of templates to give guests an idea of where they hope to travel and the things they want to do while there. 

Fees: Honeyfund is a free service (unless you upgrade your web template), which encourages guests to send cash or checks. Unless guests choose to gift via PayPal, which takes a 2.8 percent charge, the service comes without fees. 

2. Wanderable

Think Squarespace for honeymoons: Wanderable offers a range of slick-looking templates for couples to create a registry that reflects them as a duo. It also allows couples to add in specifics. From snorkeling in the Maldives to couples’ massages in Santorini, Wanderable is a sweet way to let guests know that they’re buying couples memories that will last. 

Fees: All gifts made with a credit card incur a 2.50 percent charge deducted from the gift amount. Plus, the gift-giver is charged  2.50 percent and .99 cents upon checkout. Registry owners have the option to absorb all fees except the .99 cents.

3. Traveler's Joy

Travel agent-free and devoid of any pre-existing itineraries, Traveler’s Joy allows registry owners to do it all their way. One of the first breed of honeymoon registries, the site is super-customizable and geared towards inviting guests into the whole honeymoon experience. Couples add experiences, anecdotes, and dream destination ideas, and guests can contribute towards making it happen. 

Fees: Traveler’s Joy doesn’t make its registry owners affiliate themselves with specific travel agents, so couples are free to work out the most cost effective deals for them. However, all gifts made with a credit card incur a 2.95 percent charge deducted from the gift amount. Plus, the gift-giver is also charged 2.95 percent and 99 cents upon checkout. Registry owners also have the option to give all credit card fees to the guest, or, alternatively, choose to deduct all fees from the gift amount.  

4. Airfare Registries

Flights can be one of the largest expenditures for travelers, so contributions that specifically apply to airlines work well. Companies like Flight Centre and United Airlines (registry owners must sign up to become Mileage Plus members) have dedicated wedding gift registries, while Delta and American Airlines allow contributions to air mile accounts. If some guests travel a lot for business and happen to have a few thousand air miles to spare, this method benefits newlywed couples and allows the giver to offer a generous gift. 

Fees: Both Delta and American Airlines charge a tax of roughly 7.5 percent on the total amount of air miles purchased, as well as a small transaction fee. 

5. NewlyWish

While some honeymoon registries focus solely on honeymoons, others combine the traditional registry with the chance to contribute to experiences as well. Although some guests don’t mind giving cash and seeing that money spent on Nascar racing in Dallas or private cooking lessons at The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort, others certainly will. That being said, having a traditional registry alongside a honeymoon fund serves both camps. We recommend NewlyWish, which offers a curated list of destination experiences that guests can purchase (think: hiking the Dalmatian Coast and ceviche and tequila tasting at the Viceroy Riviera Maya in addition to the aforementioned Nascar racing and cooking lessons).

Fees: Guests cough up a 2.5 percent transaction fee to contribute to the cash fund, which pays for travel experiences. Registry owners pay a 2.5 percent withdrawal fee. 

6. Zola

Zola is another great choice for appeasing guests who want to give traditional gifts as well as those who are happy to contribute towards travel. The slick, user-friendly site is helpful if you don’t quite know what you want or need. For example, it curates pre-existing registries for couples at different stages in their lives. The same curated approach applies to the Experience section, which calculates the cost of anything from kayaking in Seattle to DJ lessons in Miami

Fees: Zola adds a 2.5 percent fee on credit card transactions, but does not charge registry owners a withdrawal fee.   

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