6 Ways to Avoid Bed Bugs on Your Next Vacation

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Bedbugs: A little word (and bug) that can ruin a vacation in a big way. While
these creepy crawlers are unfortunately a constant concern for travelers -- and at times, can't be avoided -- there are small steps you can take on the road that will do wonders for your peace of mind and help to ensure your vacation is itchy-ankles-free.

1. Read Hotel Reviews

Start by searching through TripAdvisor reviews. Anyone who has ever come home with
bedbugs after a hotel stay will undoubtedly be writing about it — but the reviewer could also have had bedbugs before his or her vacation, so keep this in mind. If
you want to be super thorough, you can also look up the property on Bed Bug

2. Stash Your Suitcase

When you first arrive to your room, head for the bathroom
and drop off your luggage. Since most bathrooms are tiled, this is the safest
place for your bags until you deem your space bedbug-free.

3. Do an Inspection

Pull up the comforter and sheets and take a look at the seams of the
mattress on all four corners. Bed bugs look a little like apple seeds, and you
may also see small reddish stains on the mattress caused by the bugs being
crushed if they were ever present. You can also check the cracks of the nearby
furniture, as well as the headboard, dust ruffle, and any hanging artwork.

4. Know What You’re Dealing With

Bedbugs don’t discriminate. They’re just as happy in a luxury hotel as
they are in a motel, so nowhere is “safe” — although a nicer hotel may be more likely to conduct regular inspections. They’re also nocturnal, which means you’ll have to be pretty thorough if you’re doing your own initial
inspection in the morning. Reactions vary among those who are bitten, and some bites never show on your skin. Bedbugs typically bite in groups of threes. 

5. When You Get Home

Wash and dry all of your clothing on high heat, just in
case. Bedbugs cannot survive temperatures under zero degree Farenheit
(after four days), or over 118 degrees, so throw everything in there and crank that temperature up! 

6. Be Cautious, Not Paranoid

Bedbugs certainly cause discomfort and have an undeniable ick factor, but they don’t transmit diseases and you can rest assured that most hotels do everything possible to combat infestation. Never feel awkward about speaking up if you feel you need
to change rooms, but you don’t have to go all Ghostbusters on the entire hotel to feel safe — odds are in your favor that everything will be bedbug-free, but it’s always smart to take precautions! 

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