The 7 Best Wine Bags and Suitcases That Will Keep Your Wine Safe

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Transporting wine can be a hassle—no matter where your destination is, or how long your trip is. Whether you are heading to the beach for the day, going away for the weekend, or taking a trip to Italy, we’ve got the best wine bags and suitcases for your next trip. 

One Savvy Girl Wine Tote Bag

One Savvy Girl Wine Tote Bag with Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glasses

Great for a trip to the beach, or a weekend trip when you are driving or taking a train, this wine tote bag is super lightweight and cute! Insulated with room for two bottles, and includes two stemless stainless steel wine glasses for added convenience. The bag folds down flat when not in use. 

Porto Vino Beach Wine Purse

PortoVino Beach Wine Purse

We aren’t sure where to even begin with this wine purse. It looks like a regular tote bag but has a removable pouch to pour your wine into, which you insert into a hidden insulated compartment inside the tote.  It holds up to two bottles of wine, plus, still has room to put all of your essentials. Use it (not filled) as a carry-on bag, then fill it up while you are on vacation! 

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VinGardeValise Wine Suitcase

For trips to Napa, Italy, France, or other wine country areas, it’s tempting to buy out every vineyard you visit. Taking it home can be a hassle when you factor in shipping costs, but with this wine suitcase, you won’t have to worry again! It holds up to twelve bottles, or six bottles if you want to use half of it for clothing and other personal items. Made from 100% proprietary compound material, with high-density foam inserts, your wine is sure to be safe flying home with you. 

Picnic at Ascot Wine Carrier Deluxe

This two-bottle wine carrier from Ascot Wine adds a touch of class for your wine-anywhere needs. It comes completely equipped with two wine glasses, a corkscrew, napkins, a bottle stopper, a cheese knife, and a cheeseboard. It’s perfect for an outdoor concert, a day at the beach, or to bring along to a barbecue. 

Nowable Shockproof & Waterproof Protective EVA Insulated Single Bottle Wine Tote

Shockproof & Waterproof Protective EVA Insulated Single Bottle Wine Tote

This single bottle case is lightweight, durable, and shockproof. It’s perfect for when you are traveling by plane to visit friends and want to bring them a nice bottle of wine—you can simply store it in the tote, and pack it in your suitcase without worry. Insulated, and versatile, you can bring it along to a party, or for a day at the beach—no matter what you need it for, you know your wine will be safe! 

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VinoVoyage by Wine Enthusiast Wine Suitcase with Integrated Weight Scale

This suitcase holds up to twelve bottles of wine, and its integrated weight scale will ensure checking it will be no problem even when it is chock-full.  Its durable hard shell and patent-pending inner foam allow you to carry wine home without worry. Remove one side of bottle foam to pack your clothes if you only need to transport six bottles. Perfect for trips to wine country! 

The Original WineRack Booze Bra 

The Original WineRack Booze Bra Flask

Ok, this is not a bag, but how could we leave this out? This booze bra holds up to a bottle of wine, and although you won’t be able to get on an airplane with it, nor can you drive with it on, there are so many reasons you need it. It’s perfect if you are a passenger in a vehicle, are going to the beach for the day, or a family function where you really don’t want to hear Aunt Sue’s comments on how many glasses of wine you have had. 

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