Video: Explore the Untouched Islands Off the Coast of Panama

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Chances are, when you book an island vacation, you're searching for a tranquil, escape-it-all setting. However, many popular paradises, like Hawaii and Santorini, will leave you literally rubbing shoulders with swarms of tourists. For a destination that's truly untouched -- and has all the traditional trimmings of a tropical getaway, including crystalline water, soft sand, and sparse crowds -- look no further than the Guna Yala Islands.

Scattered off the coast of Panama, the 365 postage stamp-sized islands that make up the Guna Yala Islands are a picture of utopia. Most of the paradisiacal islands are uninhabited, with nothing more than coconut trees covering their land. The areas that are inhabited, however, are home to the friendly Kuna people, who have protected their land and culture for years. This unspoiled atmosphere also means you won’t stumble upon any chain hotels or mainstream restaurants and shops.

Though scuba diving is not permitted here, you can snorkel in the crystal-clear Caribbean waters to your heart’s content. Other items on your to-do list might include relaxing in a hammock, taking a refreshing dip in the water, and spending the day island hopping. Want an even better glimpse into this dreamy destination? Watch our video below.

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