It Just Got Much Cheaper and Easier to Visit Brazil


Praia do Arpoador, Ipanema, Brazil/Oyster

In an exciting effort to attract American visitors to Brazil, the South American country's government has officially launched a much anticipated e-visa system. Starting this week, Americans, Canadians, Japanese, and Australians planning to visit Brazil will be able to apply online for a $40 e-visa, down from the whopping $160 visa that was previously charged in-person at consulates. The launch is a direct effort to buoy Brazil's struggling tourism sector. Brazil’s tourism minister, Marx Beltrão, said in a statement, "If we want to compete for international tourists, we need to do away with the bureaucracy and extend a red carpet so they choose our destinations." The government estimates the easier-to-obtain visa will increase travel by 25 percent, adding to the more than 570,000 Americans (second only to neighboring Argentinians, who aren't required to buy a visa) who traveled to Brazil in 2016.

The cheaper visa comes just a few weeks before the country is set to pass an open air policy between the U.S. and Brazil, which will likely lead to cheaper airfares and more routes. The visa launch was officially announced on Wednesday at a formal event, which included Brazilian dignitaries and airline owners, in New York's Conrad Hotel. So what does this mean for Americans? Brazil is about to become a whole lot more accessible and affordable, which is great news for tourists keen on exploring the country's unparalleled beaches, art scene, and nightlife. 

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