The Best Place to Get Naked in Every U.S. State

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Stripping off your clothes can be daunting at first, but after taking the plunge, many find it to be a wildly liberating experience. It's easy to see why nude travel has become a growing trend. Whether you're a naturist, hedonist, adventurous, or just plain curious, here are our picks for the best places to get nude in every U.S. state. Hot tip: Before you go, be sure to check the governing laws against nudity -- unless getting arrested sans clothes is on your bucket list.

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There aren’t many places where you can strip down in this conservative state, and several clothing-optional spots have closed over the last few years. However, Gymno-Vita Park, a 110-acre nudist park about an hour outside of Birmingham has managed to keep its doors open for decades. From April to October, families and couples can book into this clothing-optional nature lodge and campsite with rustic accommodations, games, a pool, and theater performances.


Getting naked in public is illegal in Alaska, so the best place to go without clothes is in the privacy of your own hotel room. Find a bathtub with a good view and you’re good to go.


Public nudity is also illegal in Arizona, but they tend to be a little less rigid when it comes to enforcing it. That being said, there are a few spots where you can sunbathe and hike while nude. For example, people take a dip in the Verde Hot Springs wearing only their birthday suits — just remember to get dressed before heading to the campgrounds.


Continuing the trend, Arkansas also has rules against public nudity, though their laws only prohibit stripping down in front of the opposite sex. Since getting naked in front of the same sex is fair game, head over to Buckstaff Bathhouse, which opened in 1912. This spa-like experience utilizes the natural mineral hot springs from the Hot Springs National Park — and has separate sections for males and females.


Black’s Beach is the state’s nude hot spot, but it’s popularity can cause the sand to feel packed. Instead, throw your shorts off and your towel down at Pirate’s Cove, a nude stretch of sand about a 13-minute drive from Pismo Beach. Follow the trailhead down from Muir Beach to the gorgeous beach below. There are no facilities here, so be sure to bring (and take back) everything you’ll need.


Located an hour from Denver, Stark! OMG is not only a naturist campground, but it’s also cannabis-friendly. While clothing is optional, nudity is mandatory if you’re in the sunbathing area or using the hot tub or sauna. Mostly comprised of campsites, there’s also a private guest suite available from November through April.


Over in Woodstock, Connecticut, the Solair Recreation League provides a family-friendly atmosphere with fun, summer-camp-like events and activities. This member-run retreat has been operating since 1934, and safety is a top priority. All first-time guests will need to provide state-issued identification and consent to criminal record and background checks, and are only permitted on the weekends during the off-season. Once you’re in, enjoy activities like volleyball, bingo, shuffleboard, and more — all sans clothes.


Delaware isn’t exactly thriving when it comes to its clothing-optional scene, but there is hope — if you’re a gay man. The Shore Inn is a cute motel in Rehoboth Beach that markets itself as “a place for gay men to get naked” just a mile from Poodle Beach. The garden courtyard has outdoor showers, a hot tub, and sunbathing areas that are all clothing-optional.


Believe it or not, Florida is hiding it’s fair share of nude-friendly spots, but our favorite is Haulover Beach in Miami. This calm, natural, and mostly secluded beach has an exclusive vibe thanks to its upscale Bal Harbour location. There’s no public parking in the area, so beachgoers must be guests at a surrounding hotel (no wonder it’s one of the most popular nude beaches in the United States).


There are a few resorts in Georgia that are affiliated with the AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation), but we want to steer you toward the heavenly experience at Jeju Sauna in Duluth, Georgia. Offering several treatments, saunas, and relaxation areas, this spa draws people from all over who are looking to unwind and detox. If you’ve never stripped down for a Korean spa scrub down, now’s the time.


Hawaii has a handful of nude beaches, but there’s only one spot for an overnight clothing-optional experience. Hangin’ Loose Clothing Optional Retreat & Botanical Gardens (about 30 minutes from Hilo on the Big Island) features standalone cottages, tropical garden settings, a pool, a hot tub, and excursions that including visiting nude beaches and swimming naked with dolphins.


There aren’t many clothing-optional spots in Idaho, making the mile-long hike to the warm waters of Jerry Johnson Hot Springs all the more worth it. These beautiful springs are located in the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest, about 20 miles from the Montana border.


Right outside of Aurora, a swinging couple welcomes all adventurous travelers to their Couples Playhouse. Open to couples and single ladies only, this three-acre playground hosts weekend swinger parties and features both private and open rooms, social activities like games and events, plus two outdoor hot tubs, a pool, buffet meals, and, of course, pole dancing.


For those who want to reconnect with nature, Our Haven Nature Sanctuary in French Lick offers a very rustic campground that’s set up with a hot water shower, tons of firepits, and toilets. In other words, picture creeks, trees, and oodles of space to strip down and get back to basics.


Like Alaska, Iowa frowns on public nudity, and it’s illegal in all forms here. So, we suggest booking a float treatment at the Transcend Mind-Body Wellness & Floatation Clinic in Cedar Falls. Here, you have the option of floating in your swimsuit or going completely naked (can you guess which one we recommend?). As you float in this eight-by-eight-foot pool of Epsom salts, your body sinks into a deeply relaxed state and your brain increases the number of theta waves it releases.


Sandy Lane Club is a naturist club affiliated with the AANR. Like most family-friendly, clothing-optional venues, this spot is for families and couples, but unlike most, it also welcomes all singles that are AANR members. There are tented, RV, and cabin accommodations, along with a pool, indoor hot tub, and kids playground on site.


Most of the nude recreation in Kentucky occurs through non-land-based clubs, so there aren’t any real brick-and-mortar spots where folks can get naked socially. That being said, we recommend baring it all and heading into the ocean float rooms at Blissful Relaxation Float Louisville & Spa Center, where they recommend floating totally naked in your small water pod.


Being home to a wild child city like New Orleans, you might think that Louisiana is crawling with options for getting nude in public (not counting Mardi Gras), but alas, the Indian Hills Nudist Park is the state’s last bastion for this kind of experience. It’s worth noting that there are weekly events and standalone cabins for rent. Plus, couples and single women and men are allowed (single ladies get in free on Wednesdays).


While going topless in Maine is no big deal, you’ll have to book a stay at the Richmond Sauna, if you want to go fully nude. Guests who visit this rustic, privately-run joint will have a Finnish sauna, outdoor hot tub, and heated pool at their disposal. Overnight guests are also welcome, with rooms available right inside the owner’s own home.


Pine Tree, located just outside of Annapolis, is an AANR family nudist club that requires membership. However, you can visit up to three times before joining (and the first visit is free). Once you’re in, strip down and hang out with others in the three pools, hot tub, and sauna. There’s also scheduled events, sports, and children’s activities.


There are a few places in Massachusetts where you can get naked in public, but why stay on land when you can charter a private sailboat and feel the sea breeze all around you? MV Leisure Charters offers clothing-optional charters that offer a whole new perspective on the coast.


Connecting with nature is the name of the game at Nuance B&B. Just north of Battle Creek, guests here stay in quaint accommodations that overlook a lake. Go au naturel while kayaking, swimming, playing horseshoes, or during a friendly game of bocce ball. If you’d rather lounge indoors, there’s a game room, library, and movie room.


Located 35 minutes from Minneapolis, The Oakwood Club has been providing a family-friendly, clothing-optional space since 1942. Expect camping and RV plot accommodations (two camper vehicles are available to rent) that include free Wi-Fi, ice makers, and firewood. On-site amenities and activities include a heated swimming pool, nightly bonfires, and a good selection of games. Visitors are welcome from April 15 to October 15.


Did you know there was a clothing-optional island escape right here in the U.S.? Ship Island, a barrier island just south of Biloxi, has a popular (and well-enforced) nude beach on its far western side. However, the beach amenities are as bare as your bum, so be sure to bring everything you’ll need for the day.


The Forty Acre Club has been dubbed “America’s Gateway Family Nudist Club,” thanks to its location just an hour south of St. Louis, home of the famous Gateway Arch. It’s a family-friendly woodland retreat that takes safety seriously, so expect to be screened before you’re granted entry into this happy-go-lucky summer-camp-like atmosphere.


Montana isn’t known for its nudity, but there’s a rumor that you can take nighttime soaks in the buff at Lolo Hot Springs. This commercial hot springs area was originally used as a mineral lick for wild animals and a bathing spot for local American Indians. It’s about a one-hour drive from Missoula, and if you want to make a night of it, there are several low-key accommodations available.


It can be tricky to find a clothing-optional spot in Nebraska, so your best bet is to tuck into a nice hot bath with a view or sign up for a massage treatment.


The best place to get naked in Nevada is at Black Rock City while you’re cruising the playa. Burning Man may be a lot of things to a lot of different people, but it’s unarguably a judgement-free zone that allows people to be themselves, which is probably why nudity is so common among festival attendees.

New Hampshire

Couples can head to Nottingham where Cedar Waters Village has been running a nudist camp since 1950. Guests here have a large lake surrounded by over 350 acres of wooded nature to frolic in with fellow free spirits. There are also privately-owned hiking trails, if you fancy a stroll.

New Jersey

Sandy Hook’s Gunnison Beach is the only legally nude beach in New Jersey. This federally-owned stretch of sand has posted signs declaring its clothing-optional status, and ranks as the largest clothing-optional beach on the east coast. Summer can see over 5,000 sunbathers per day, and most are more enamored with the stunning views of Brooklyn than their nude neighbors.

New Mexico

For a truly unique experience in the U.S., spend a night at Ten Thousand Waves, a Japanese-inspired thermal spa in Sante Fe. Clothing is optional in all tubs, except for the Grand Bath, a mixed-gender bath. Private baths, spa treatments, and spa suites all welcome nudity. In fact, as in Japan, it’s encouraged.

New York

New and seasoned nudists should head to Empire Haven in New York’s Finger Lakes region. This fun-for-all-ages clothing-optional park was established back in 1959, and has been inviting guests to spend a day, night, weekend, or more enjoying its pools, hot tub, games, and planned events between May and September. Singles, couples, and kids are all welcome.

North Carolina

Put your ear to the wind and you’ll find that Whispering Pines Nudist Resort is open to couples, families, and singles who are just looking to hang out and have a good time with other like-minded, possibly nude folks. For the most part, this RV park area is clothing-optional, though nudity is mandatory in the pool and hot tub.

North Dakota

There aren’t many places where it’s socially acceptable to be nude in North Dakota. The opportunity to let it all hang out doesn’t come around often, but on June 21, folks can join up with a group for Naked Hiking Day and explore some of this beautiful state’s outdoor areas sans clothes (but slathered in sunscreen).


In Ohio, all the spots for clothing-optional recreation are family-oriented and usually run by naturists. Green Valley has been welcoming nudists to Richfield Township since 1936, making it one of the country’s oldest, family-friendly nudist clubs. Expect RV hookups, cabin and tent rentals, and a well-equipped campsite with a communal clubhouse kitchen, pool, hot tub, and tons of activities for all ages.


If you’re craving a romantic getaway with your partner, check into the Oklahoma Naturist Inn & Winery, an all-inclusive, adults-only getaway set up especially for couples. With just three rooms, the place feels intimate — even with your clothes on — and guests can expect four acres of vineyards, homestyle meals, wine tastings, and a hydrotherapy spa.


For a true outdoorsy experience in Oregon, head to Umpqua Hot Springs, a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Eugene. After parking, hike up the trail for 10 minutes until you reach a rushing waterfall and several small hot springs pools where you can go skinny-dipping while surrounded by nature. But note that not all hot spring visitors go naked.


If you prefer being active while naked, check out the Philly Naked Bike Ride. That’s right, there’s a public bike ride where all the riders are completely nude. Several riders even paint their bodies with colorful paint. The ride usually takes place in late summer or early fall, so plan your visit accordingly.

Rhode Island

If you prefer to be naked out in nature, head to Block Island. Here, you’ll find two idyllic spots to bare it all: Mohegan Bluffs on the south side of the island and Black Rock Beach, a popular spot for surfers. You can catch a ferry from Port Judith all year round.

South Carolina

You must be at least 18 years old to stay at Cedar Creek Resort, an adults-only, clothing-optional resort in South Carolina. Located in Leesville, this rustic but friendly camping resort hosts music festivals, naked 5K runs, and a judgement-free environment for folks looking to shed their inhibitions.

South Dakota

There aren’t a lot of choices when comes to stripping down in South Dakota, so you might have to settle for wandering out into nature and baring it all. Federal law allows for public nudity in national parks, and South Dakota allows for nudity as long it’s not offending or upsetting anyone in the near vicinity. However, if you’re looking to be part of a group, contact Black Hills Bares, a non-landed naturist club.


With a name like Pandora’s Forest, you can only imagine the shenanigans that go on at this swingers hotel and nightclub in Crossville. The wooden lodge is cozy and the club gets crazy, though guests aren’t pressured to engage in any activities. This spot mostly caters to couples, though singles are welcome. Breakfast is included with most room rates.


The shores of Hippie Hollow Park have long been a hangout for nude sunbathers and swimmers. It also happens to be the only park in Texas where nudity is legal, though you must be 18 years or older to visit. Although the lake is open, it’s a rocky descent, so we recommend just posting up on the rocks and grabbing some rays.


Utah isn’t a very friendly state for folks looking to disrobe. Your best bet here is to stick to private indoor areas, like your hotel room or Airbnb. Even though nudity is unofficially allowed at hot springs, it’s technically against the law.


Vermont is a bit of a head-scratcher when it comes to public nudity. Apparently, it’s illegal to get naked in public, but being naked in public is okay. Likewise, nudity is outlawed in public parks, but seemingly tolerated almost everywhere else. There’s a little something for everyone at the Rock River swimming holes outside of Brattleboro. The first pool is usually reserved for families (and requires clothes), while the remaining handful of pools are clothing-optional, including a couple of options that are hot spots for gay men. Heading here is a great way to combine a hike with a refreshing, naked soak in nature.


For an unforgettable treat, head over to Centreville’s Spa World, a massive Korean spa complex that features a hydrotherapy pool with nine different stations, spa treatments (including a first-come, first-served scrub service), a dry sauna, and a steam room. However, the true gems here are the seven poultice rooms that each use a different type of matter (ice, charcoal, amethyst, red clay, blue onyx, and Himalayan salt) in conjunction with hot, warm, or cool temperatures to create a wellness effect. You’ll have to be nude in the same-sex spa area, but appropriate attire is required in co-ed sections.


Seattle doesn’t have any explicit laws against being nude in public — just as long as you aren’t acting lewd while naked. You can visit several of the city’s parks and strut or sunbathe in your birthday suit. We like Magnuson Swim Beach in Magnuson Park for its refreshing temperatures in the summer, picnic areas, dog-friendly atmosphere, and, of course, its unofficial status as one of Seattle’s top clothing-optional spots.

West Virginia

Over in Paw Paw (about a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Baltimore, Maryland), there’s a family-friendly naturist recreation camp called Avalon Resort. There are several options for lodging or you can just stay for the day and make use of the pools, hot tubs, “nudsino,” games, and outdoor activities while being naked in nature. Oh, and it’s dog-friendly, too!


Folks wanting to feel the sun on all parts of their body, eat homegrown foods, and connect with nature while au naturel are invited to spend the day or night at the Toadally Natural Garden. Unlike other naturist experiences, here, you’ll be surrounded by a 15-acre working vegetable farm with activities like volleyball, hiking, and fishing.


Wyoming’s Thermopolis is home to the “world’s largest mineral hot spring,” and as luck would have it, it’s clothing-optional. Hot Springs State Park is the place to be if you want to slip into a geothermal hot spring bubbling with healing minerals while also potentially catching glimpses of the park’s roaming bison herd.

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