The Most Underrated Attractions in the Caribbean

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Four Seasons Resort Nevis/Oyster

Four Seasons Resort Nevis/Oyster

When most people think of the Caribbean, powdery beaches and mega resorts come to mind. However, this tropical part of the world has plenty to offer in terms of unusual local attractions that celebrate history, local culture, and wildlife. If you're looking for spots where your friends probably have never been, check out these five underrated attractions in the Caribbean. 

Rastafari Indigenous Village, Jamaica

If you’re looking for an irie alternative to the hyped-up tourist restaurants, bars, and beaches of Montego Bay, Jamaica, head inland to the Rastafari Indigenous Village, tucked in the jungle not far from the city center. Here, you can learn more about the Rastafari faith and culture, watch musical performances, and dine on fresh local fruit and coconut water. Tours run a few times a week, but should be booked in advance. 

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Bath Hotel and Spring House, Nevis

Daniel Farrell/Wikimedia Commons

Daniel Farrell/Wikimedia Commons

The first hotel to be built in the Caribbean, way back in 1778, the Bath Hotel and Spring House on the island of Nevis was once a popular getaway for wealthy travelers from across Europe and the New World. While the main building no longer houses any sort of accommodation, travelers can still visit to soak in the property’s thermal waters. Best of all, the entry is free, though this means that it can get crowded with locals who are keen on soaking in the piping-hot curative waters. Bring a towel or rent one on-site for a small fee.

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Mind's Eye – The Visionary World of Miss Lassie, Grand Cayman

Looking to trade in a few hours of the Cayman Islands’ white-sand beach for some local culture? Look no further than Mind’s Eye – The Visionary World of Miss Lassie. Run by the Cayman National Cultural Foundation, this former home of celebrated Caymanian painter Gladwyn “Lassie” Bush is filled with the artist’s murals and masterpieces, many of which have a strong spiritual theme. It’s one of the few cultural sites in the country, and travelers need to make an advanced appointment in order to see it.

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The National Museum & Art Gallery of Trinidad and Tobago

David Stanley/Flickr

David Stanley/Flickr

Established back in 1892, this fantastic museum is one of the finest public institutions in Port of Spain today. It features a thousand-piece collection of Caribbean sculptures and paintings, many of which are older than the museum itself. There’s also a history gallery with archeological pieces and more modern artifacts, plus displays highlighting important aspects of local culture, from agriculture to carnival celebrations.

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Waitukubuli National Trail, Dominica

Liam Quinn/Flickr

Liam Quinn/Flickr

Dominica is mostly known for its natural beauty and abundance of outdoor activities, so if you find yourself on the island, you’ll probably be amped to go on a hike. One of the best places to explore Dominica’s lush greenery is along the Waitukubuli National Trail, a 115-mile-long walking trail that crosses the island from one coast to the other. The trail passes by plenty of rivers and a few hot springs and waterfalls, plus provides ample opportunities for birdwatching and spotting local wildlife.

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