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Night Hotel Times Square


Aspen Social Club

Night Hotel Times Square Rating: 3.5 Pearls
Categories: Boutique

Popular among locals and tourists, Aspen Social Club looks like a postmodern ski lodge. Waitresses dressed in short brown cowgirl dresses and high black leather boots serve designer cocktails named after movies and books, like the Fleurs du Mal, the Blood and Sand, and The Big Sleep.

The Time


Inc Lounge

The Time Rating: 3.5 Pearls
Categories: Boutique

The happening Inc Lounge, decked out in 70's glam rock decor -- wood-panelled walls, animal print accents, funky mirros -- stays rowdy until 4 a.m. most weekends.

W New York Times Square


The Living Room Bar

W New York Times Square Rating: 4.0 Pearls
Categories: Boutique

Tourists mingle with the local after-work crowd in this sleek, minimalist space, which has white leather couches and interesting sculptural details.

Room Mate Grace


Swim-up bar

Room Mate Grace Rating: 3.5 Pearls
Categories: Boutique

The Grace's four-foot-deep, 24-hour pool features the city's only swim-up bar. Club lights and a DJ spinning five nights a week help create a party atmosphere, especially on Wednesdays for "Drip," a long-popular gay pool party.

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