9 Trips for Father’s Day That He Won’t Forget

According to the National Retail Federation, after treating moms to gifts that equaled about $20 billion on Mother’s Day, consumers only spend around $13 billion on Father's Day gifts for dear old dad. Personally, we've also noticed that there seems to be a lot more thought put into the gift we give our moms over what we hand over to dad. Our theory is that it's not because we love him any less, but that shopping for dad can sometimes seem harder. So, while we do appreciate a healthy tie or sock collection, we're also all about celebrating adventure, discovery, and the outdoors -- and we've got a few perfect gift ideas for the dad who feels the same way. Read on for some foolproof and fun trips that will feed dad's adventurous spirit -- heck, he can even bring that carefully curated sock collection along for old time's sake. 

1. Biking a Belgian Beer Tour

Photo courtesy of Ciciliso Classico

Photo courtesy of Ciciliso Classico

For fathers who love beer, biking, and travel, we think a trip across the Atlantic may be the perfect Father’s Day gift. Belgium brews over a whopping 1,130 different beers and has some seriously gorgeous cityscapes and landscapes to bike around. Consider grabbing a spot on Ciclismo Classico‘s Biking Belgium tour where dad will be able to pedal to more boutique breweries than any other European bicycle tour. He’ll start in Luxembourg and end in Bruges, where he can add on a few more days to explore on foot. 

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2. Exploring Mystical Peru

Photo courtesy of Gondwana Ecotours

Photo courtesy of Gondwana Ecotours

We’ve already told you that Peru’s iconic Machu Picchu site will be limiting visitors starting in 2019, so it’s the perfect year to make sure dad gets there — and at the best times with the least amount of people crowding his view. The sustainably operated Gondwana Ecotours’ Machu Picchu, Cusco, and The Sacred Valley tour is a serious adventure that will take dad (in the company of great guides, of course) to the Incan Empire’s most iconic site and the winding streets of Cusco without getting lost in the crowd. After spending all that time revisiting ancient times, we also suggest adding on a few days to explore around Lima at his leisure so dad can soak up a little of modern Peru, too. 

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3. Riding Water and Wind on Aruba

For dads who prefer to be out on the water versus on solid ground, we suggest setting up a watersport getaway on Aruba. This tiny island is perfect for water activities like kitesurfing, windsurfing, parasailing, waverunning, tubing, stand up paddleboarding, and more thanks to the constant tradewinds and warm waters. You can purchase classes or rentals from spots along the beach like Aruba Watersports Center or Aruba Active Vacations; if you are looking for a one-stop shop, though, Aruba Beach Villas — located on Malmok Beach — has free unlimited windsurfing for its guests from January to April. There’s also great dining, stunning volcanic landscapes, and museums. 

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4. Biking the Road Less Traveled in Vietnam

Photo courtesy of Ride and Seek

Photo courtesy of Ride and Seek

Bicycles are a way of life in Vietnam; you’ll be hard-pressed not to see them stacked by the tens and twenties (or more) as you walk around the streets, especially in cities like Hanoi. For a truly adventurous experience, get dad a tour from Ride and Seek where he will push pedals to the remote region of Ha Giang in Vietnam’s north-eastern corner. Here, the tour will ride past rice paddies and forests as well as a few tougher inclines along this road less traveled. As a bonus, get him a few days at a hotel in Hanoi before he flies out so he can massage his tired muscles, slurp some street pho, and meet a few lively locals. 

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5. Hitting the Rockies on 4x4s and by Foot

Photo courtesy of Big Chill Adventures

Photo courtesy of Big Chill Adventures

If dad is more into rugged exploration (with a little less legwork), check out Big Chill Adventure‘s 4×4 tour of the Canadian Rockies. On this trip, he will hop on a 4WD vehicle in Calgary and bump through through the Banff and Jasper National Parks, but also get in plenty of hikes through the gorgeous Canadian wilderness. This all-inclusive adventure also has the possibility of some Northern Lights spotting

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6. Fishing off Isamorada in the Florida Keys

Photo courtesy of Bud N' Mary's Marina via Facebook

Photo courtesy of Bud N’ Mary’s Marina via Facebook

Maybe it’s cliche, but we heard a rumor that dads like fishing, and we also heard that there’s excellent fishing down in the Florida Keys — so we brought two and two together for this Father’s Day trip gift idea: A fishing holiday down on the Florida Keys’ Islamorada island. You can check out the various fishing providers and charters, or skip the search and pick something from Bud N’ Mary’s Marina. The company hasa large selection of fishing trips from tarpon to sailfish, mahi mahi to lobstering.

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7. Embracing His Inner John Wayne on a Ranch in Wyoming

Photo courtesy of Red Reflet Ranch

Photo courtesy of Red Reflet Ranch

Corral a ticket to Wyoming and a spot at Red Reflet Ranch‘s Roping and Ranch Skills retreat near Cody, Wyoming. Dad will spend five days learning roping fundamentals, cattle work techniques, and western horsemanship from expert horse trainers, wranglers, and riding instructors. Wine tastings, ranch-to-table haute cuisine, and other exciting ranch activities round-out this authentic cowboy-esque getaway.  

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8. Climbing a Volcano and Hiking Waterfalls on Maui

Perfect for dads who love nature and hikes that lead to different perspectives or stunning surprises, a few days in Maui to explore the island, hike the Hana waterfalls, and climb to new heights on Haleakala is just the ticket. Haleakala is a large shield volcano that peaks at over 10,000 feet. Depending on his pace, it’ll take a few hours to hike through the various otherworldly terrains — so make sure he doesn’t forget the water. Across the island, after the famous winding coastline roads on the way to Hana, there are tons of hiking trails that lead through the forest and end at tumbling waterfalls. 

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9. Going on an Intimate Safari in Botswana's Okavango Delta

Wildlife-loving fathers will appreciate the andBeyond Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp that sets up and explores the wildlife and landscapes along this famous Africa delta. Don’t worry about dad roughing it out in the wild, though; this tented camp is more like glamping. The “tented” rooms feel like modern, upscale hotel rooms and have large soaking tubs, hardwood floors, private plunge pools, and unforgettable views. A visit to Botswana may feel exotic (and it is), but every night he’ll feel at home. 

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