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Boca Chica, Dominican Republic Travel Guide

Boca Chica Summary



  • Known as the country's sex-tourism capital
  • For non-Spanish speakers, communicating can be very difficult
  • As in the rest of the D.R., tap water is not potable
  • Locals ceaselessly try to sell tourists souvenirs, island excursions, and, of course, sex; feels very seedy at night
  • Visible signs of poverty like dilapidated buildings and beggars
  • Beach is actually a bay, which makes for a less authentic Caribbean vacation experience
  • Nearby processing plant (visible from the beach) suspected of causing skin rashes

What It's Like

Typical sights in this seedy, loud, rundown area of the D.R. include mopeds speeding up skinny, dusty roads; teenage girls marketing their "assets" to tourists just outside the town church; snack bars and eateries dishing out local and American fare; and gift shops catering to tourists searching for some D.R. souvenirs. In short, despite some natural assets of its own -- it has a coral-reef- and shoal-protected bay with turquoise water that never goes above waist level, making it ideal for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts -- the town of Boca Chica is known mostly for its sex tourism.

Where to Stay

We can't exactly condone a tropical vacation in Boca Chica, when much prettier -- and safer -- areas of the D.R., like La Romana and Punta Cana, have loads of nice, affordable places to stay. The one gem, however, is Oasis Hamaca, which boasts newly refurbished guest rooms, above-average food (for an all-inclusive), a brand-new spa, and lots of fancy cabana furniture for lounging on the beach. (Just try to ignore the container port in the distance when taking in the "ocean view.")

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